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What is Dreamscape RSPS?

The Largest Custom Private Server since 2014

Built on player suggestions and satisfaction. DreamScape strives for unique content, enjoyability and endurance.

Recent RSPS Updates & News

  Hello Dreamers! We are moving into the New Year with big plans, New contents New interfaces and more In this Patch, we will be releasing the new and improved " Player Own Shops " We have renamed it to Market Place if you have not noticed! Along side with this we have some new contents and ton of bug fixes! Lets view them all below!        Market Plac

Quick fixed a few items that was going into cosmetic slot, removing the bonus  - there will be a massive improvement in line for this coming update for cosmetic slots! in the future you can equip any items into the cosmetic slot except for weapons / auras Fixed Voting abuse where players were using VPN to receive multiple rewards. Fixed Sponsor Zone's magegrays, not being 1 hit

  First of all Happy New Year to every Dreamer! It's the start of 2020, Its time we rework some of the zones which has been in the game for a good few years, its time to give them a nice face lift ! Some bug fixes and more! Scroll down to read up on every single detail !        We have been receiving feedback that the train zone was cramped. We have ma