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What is Dreamscape RSPS?

The Largest Custom Private Server since 2014

Built on player suggestions and satisfaction. DreamScape strives for unique content, enjoyability and endurance.

Recent RSPS Updates & News

  Donor Perks! New Elo Donor Bonuses! NEW BOSS! NEW NEW NEW!  some bug fixes and improvements as well! Scroll down below to get more information!!         A new Requirements of 1000 npc kills a day Stat multiplier based on Donator Rank; Regular: 1.1x Super: 1.2x  Extreme: 1.3x Sponsor: 1.75x  Executive: 2.5x Platinu

  Hey there fellow Dreamers! The long await update is finally here! All new DreamLand Minigame, Seasonal Pass and enchantments and many more!  There are a bunch of bug fixes. Big thank you to everyone who has reported them! Keep Scrolling!        Introducing the DREAMLAND!  it's like having a DREAM! Fighting all variety of Dreamscape's Boss

  This patch we are going to focus on the bug fixes we are going to address all of them and giving Dreamers a better experience in Dreamscape!       We have decided to allow Bonds to be Eligible to be used for GoodieBags entry  You can now donate X amount of Bonds to enter Goodiebags that are activated by the Admins Hosting the Goodiebag ! How